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Ritratto di Donna professionale



Livrarea se face prin curier in termenii si conditiile companiei de curierat. Livrarea se face oriunde in Romania fara costuri aditionale pentru consumator/client.

Delivery is organised through a delivery company and terms and conditions of the delivery company apply. Delivery is made anywhere in Romania with no additional cost for the customer.


Produsele intra in categoria “comenzi speciale” fiind aduse pe comanda dupa specificatiile clientului(Culoare/Material/Dimensiune). Aceste produse nu se pot returna decat daca exista motive intemeiate/neconformitate.

Motivele intemeiate se incadreaza in descrierea : ” Neconformitate – daca sunt diferente intre detaliile produselor furnizate de vanzator si produsele livrate/ daca produsele livrate nu corespund ca si dimensiune sau materiale conform ofertei vanzatorului/daca exista deteriorari cauzate de transport sau de fabricatie ”

In oricare din situatiile de mai sus care se incadreaza in categoria “motive intemeiate” toate modificarile sau schimbarea produsului trebuie agreate cu vanzatorul . Nu exista costuri aditionale pentru cumparator in aceste situatii. Termenele in care aceste modificari sau schimbari se vor efectua depind de stocul acelor produse si se vor comunica clientului in momentul aparitiei situatilor de mai sus.

The products are categorised as “special order” as they are made after the details and specifications of the customer(Colour/Material/Dimension). These products cannot be returned unless there are noncompliance issues.

Noncompliance issues: ” If there are differences between the product details sent by the buyer and the delivered product/actual product/if the materials of dimensions do not correspond to the offered product/if there is any damage to the product.”

In any of the above mentioned situations the repairs/modifications/exchange of the product must be agreed in advance with the seller. There are no additional costs involved for the customer in this case. The terms and conditions of the repairs/modifications/exchange are influenced by the stock availability and will be discussed when the situations occur.

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